Hi! At Finhoc we help you understand your finances.

We provide outsourced
Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO) services.

Learn more on how we can add value to your financial data for a sustainable & profitable growth.

Our Services:

Financial Controller

/ Expenses, investments and cash flow management.

/ Month-End reporting.

Accounting Management

/ Accounting procedures optimization and improvement.

/ Financial audit.

/ Accounting data supervision.

Financial Analyst

/ Business unit performance and financial analysis (e.g. product, customer, department
profitability, sales reporting).

/ Forecasting and budgeting.

Financial Consultant

/ Tax optimization.

/ Tax planning and strategy.

/ Company structure.

/ Capital structure management.

Startup Finance Guru

/ Business plans drafting.

/ Capital raising.

Power BI Implementation

/ Designing and building reports and dashboards.

/ Enabling data import from different sources.


Finhoc was founded by Indre Jaselskyte in 2017.
A dedicated team of 6 people.
We work remotely from 3 different countries.
We are multilingual in Lithuanian, English, German, and Russian.
We master Excel skills, and are Power BI experts. 

During the last 7 years, Finhoc has grown substantially, helping more than 65 companies develop a clearer awareness of today's potential and expand through sustainable long-term plans.


With 12 years' experience in the financial sector, Indrė has worked with large companies - Lidl and UPS to name a few - as well as with smaller, rising startups. Over these years, her clients have benefited from her commitment, involvement, and dedication. 

Prior to Finhoc, Gerda worked for a German auditing company, and developed a broad understanding of accounting and financial analytics, controlling, and due diligence processes. 

Kamile Baleviciute joined Finhoc at the start of 2022. She is mainly working with our international clients located outside the EU, and benefits from strong mathematical and analytical skills. 

Kamile Petkute has strong analytical and problem-solving skills. She is very good excel user (macros, complex formulas) and is able to program Power BI. Her analytical prowess enables her to adeptly interpret complex financial data and provide insightful conclusions.

As a seasoned Senior Financial Analyst Evelina possesses a comprehensive background in financial analysis, budgeting, and forecasting.  She has experience in capital raising, business plan developments, audit, mergers & acquisitions business evaluations and taxes. Prior to Finhoc, Evelina worked for Moody's Investors Service.

We work flexibly 
all around the world.

Yet we had an opportunity to work with 
companies that operate in Australia also Asia 
and Europe countries.

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